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About us

About Us

Have you ever noticed how offsetting your carbon has become a financial transaction? You pay some money and trees get planted somewhere. That’s about it.

We all want to help reforest the planet, offset our emissions and be better. But wouldn’t it be better if this process actually involved you?

Junglo gives you the opportunity to not just plant a couple trees somewhere, but to grow your own forest. Want a forest in your home? Done. Want your employees to have a forest to exercise or meditate in? No problem! Want a forest in every school? We do too!

Junglo was founded by Noan, Chayton and Mo. Three nature lovers who want to help forests make a comeback.

Our Mission

We believe that given the chance, every single individual, company or organization wants to do something good for the planet.

Our mission is to make climate action accessible to everyone everywhere. We’re also gonna make you love trees as much as we do.

Our mission

The Team

Noan Fesnoux


Mauricio Camacho


Chayton Thompson


Irma Sitompul


Excited to grow your forest? Let’s talk.