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How YOU can help

Gone are the days of not knowing how to do good for the planet. Now you can grow a forest anywhere you want— in your backyard, school or office. Really, anywhere! And thanks to the Miyawaki Method, you can have the equivalent of a 100 year old forest in only 10 years!

Personal Forest

Believe it or not, you can grow a forest in your home, street, school or anywhere you’re allowed to. It’s going to be awesome! The size of the forest doesn’t matter.


Grow an amazingly cool forest in your campus, hotel, headquarters or secret bat cave. Take your corporate environmental responsibility to a whole new level.

Eco Real Estate

How cool would it be to grow a forest in a land destined for construction. Let’s switch malls, villas and buildings for trees, birds and flowers. Bring nature into your city.

How WE help

Let’s grow your forest

Our job is to get you super excited about your new forest and loving every little bit of it.

We follow a process that allows for smooth sailing all the way through; from planning and design, to planting and maintenance.

We always make sure to listen to your wants and needs. And hey, you can be as involved or hands-off as you want. Though we hope you get your hands in the soil with us.

Be ready to reconnect with nature, learn all about the native trees of your area, an get introduced to the foods your ancestors used to eat.

It’s going to be awesome!


Miyawaki Method

The Miyawaki Method

Why we use it

Miyawaki forests grow 10 times faster than conventional reforestation forests. They’re 30 times more dense and 100 times more biodiverse.

By only planting native trees and feeding the soil microbes, Miyawaki forests help regenerate ecosystems.

It’s a proven method with a 97%  rate for tree survival. It’s practically maintenance free and it works regardless of land size or place.

It’s kind of incredible, really.  Our forests are great for the soil, for biodiversity and for your culinary adventures. Oh! And they’re pretty good for the planet too. smile


Miyawaki Method

Excited to grow your forest? Let’s talk.