How much will my forest cost?

The price of a forest varies widely according to location, size, soil type and ease of access. A rough estimate is between Rp30,000,000 – Rp40,000,000 ($2,000 – $2,500) for a 400 tree, 100sqm forest. 

What is the minimum/maximum size of a forest?

To feel like an actual forest, we recommend a minimum of 16sqm or a 4×4 metre plot. There is no limit to how big you can go.

How many trees will my forest have?

We plant a minimum of three trees per sqm. So, you’re looking at about 300-500 trees per 100sqm. We plant a minimum of 15 different species, but we usually go much higher than that.

What does maintenance look like?

Maintenance is quite easy. You’ll need to water every day (during dry season) for about two years. And, you’ll need to remove any weeds and re-mulch from time to time. After that, the forest will be self-sustaining and there won’t be anything else to do but enjoy.

Will my forest attract snakes?

One of the biggest benefits of a Miyawaki forest is the huge increase in biodiversity. Your forest will attract birds, insects and all sorts of other visitors. Snakes might be attracted to come find a meal or to enjoy the cool temperatures from time to time, but they much rather live under rocks or in the rice fields. The forest will definitely help to keep snakes outside and out of your homes.

Can I plant non-native trees inside my forest?

Non native trees will only compete with the native trees. Eventually, one of them will not make it. If you want to ensure success, we can’t have non-native trees in your forest. If you need to have a non-native tree on your property, we can plant it outside your forest. As long as the leaf litter and its seeds don’t fall on your forest, it should be ok.

Will my forest be organic?

We don’t use any chemicals or pesticides in the making or maintenance of our forests. So yes, your forest will be 100% organic.

How long will it take for my forest to be planted?

There are many factors that can influence timing, such as size, location, design and seedlings availability. A small forest, with a simple design, from an area where we’ve previously surveyed a forest, can be ready in one week.

Will you come to my city to help me plant a forest?

Yes, of course! We are based in Bali, but we’re happy to come to any other island. Or, if you live in another country, we can come visit you too. The more forests, the better.

Can I help plant my forest?

Yes, of course! You are welcomed to be as involved as you want. Feel free to invite friends and family to help too.

Do you provide any support after the forest is planted?

Yes, we will come check on your forest once every four months, for the first year. We are also always available to answer any questions you may have.

Can I fund a forest?

Yes, you most certainly can. Though donations are not part of our business, we always keep an eye out for schools and communities who want a forest, but don’t have the means. If you want to support, send us a message so we can discuss the best options available.